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Does the hotel offer a late check-out service?
Yes, the hotel offers a late check-out service based on availability at the time. They will inform you at the reception on how to use this service.
The service has a price of €45 until 9:00 p.m.
Is there a pool towel service at the hotel?
Yes, we do have a pool towel service at your disposal. There is deposit charge of €10 for each towel (cash payment). You can get information on how to use this service at the reception.
The loss, theft, or theft of the towel or receipt will mean the loss of the deposit paid.
What are the check-in / check-out hours?
The right to occupy the room is from 2:00 p.m. on the first day of the contracted period.
The right to occupy the room ends at 12:00 on the day the period ends. The establishment will understand the client's stay to be extended for one day in the event that he/she has not left the room at the end of the maximum period indicated.
How much does the Wi-Fi connection cost?
Wi-Fi connection is free for up to 2 devices/room. You will be able to connect fro your room or any other area of the hotel. Please request a password at reception.
How can I contact the hotel?
Please fill in the contact form available at the top of our website.


How much does the safe service cost?
There is a safe in each room available to rent by paying a deposit of €15 (cash payment) and rent of €2 per day. Please, on the day of your departure, leave the box door open, hand over the key to the reception desk and the amount you previously paid as a deposit will be returned to you. The hotel is not responsible for money or valuables that have not been deposited inside the safe. The loss or theft of your safe key will mean a non-refundable deposit.
Is tea / coffee service available in the room?
Deluxe Rooms offer tea/coffee service with refills available in the room.
Is there a minibar available in the room?
There is no minibar or fridge available in the room. If you need to refrigerate any food or medicine, please contact the reception desk, we will be happy to help you.
Is there a hair dryer in the room?
Yes, you will find a hairdryer in the bathroom.
Is it possible to book a room upgrade in advance?
It is not possible to guarantee an upgrade to a superior room before arriving at the hotel.
It is only possible to request an upgrade to a superior room upon arrival at the hotel, and it will always depend on availability at that time.
The reception desk staff will check the upgrade availability and price upon arrival.
Is there an iron and ironing board available in the room?
This service is not available at the hotel.
Can I request a specific room at the hotel?
We try to accommodate our clients according to the type of room selected at the time of booking. You can send your requests and needs to the hotel via email. Please do not forget to include the details of your reservation. Our reception desk staff will do their best to satisfy your wishes based on availability and with no guarantees of confirmation before arrival.


What is the climate like in Ibiza?
Ibiza has a Mediterranean climate. During the summer, from June to September, the average temperature is 28º and can reach 35º. The beautiful beaches of the island have water on average at 25º. The average temperature in winter is 20º
What clothes are suitable for the stay?
During the summer, it is preferable to wear light clothing without forgetting the swimsuit. During the low season wear light warm clothes for the night.
What type of sun cream is recommended?
With high summer temperatures, we recommend a protection factor between 20 and 50, particularly for the little ones. It is recommended to avoid the sun between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.


What is the currency of the country?
In Ibiza as in Europe, the currency is the Euro.
What is the official language?
Official languages are Spanish and Catalan. English is also spoken at the hotel.
Can I exchange currency at the hotel or withdraw money?
The hotel has a currency exchange service. You request this service at the reception desk between 8:00 and 22:00. You will also find ATM machines in the area.


Is there a “dress code” for the restaurants in the facilities?
We would appreciate it if you make use of appropriate clothing to access the restaurants. It is strictly forbidden to enter barefoot, in a swimsuit, with wet clothes or with a naked torso.
At dinner it is recommended to dress more formally.
Are there special meals for vegetarians?
Although there is no specific menu available for vegetarians, there is a wide variety of salads and different dishes suitable for vegetarians.
Are there special meals for diabetics?
There are specific meals for clients with diabetes. It is recommended that you notify this upon arrival at the hotel or the person in charge of the restaurant.
Does the hotel offer a picnic service in exchange for lunch or dinner?
The hotel has a picnic service for customers in exchange for lunch. If you wish to request it, please go to the reception desk before 20:00 the day before.
Do the different hotel restaurants offer gluten-free food?
Although there is no special menu for people with gluten intolerance, the hotel's buffet restaurants offer gluten-free food, especially when they give notice t at the reception desk or the person in charge of the restaurant.


Is there a medical service at the hotel?
If you require the services of a private doctor, the hotel has a face-to-face medical service at the Resort in the morning and afternoon, every day the Hotel is open and medical service 24 hours a day via emergency phone.
The closest public health center is located in Santa Eulalia del Río, approximately 4 km away.
Is it necessary to be vaccinated before traveling?
To travel to Ibiza, no vaccination is necessary.
Are precautions taken for allergy sufferers?
Yes, precautions are taken for allergy sufferers, especially when they give notice upon arrival at the hotel or to the person in charge of the restaurant.
Can you buy medicines at the hotel?
It is not possible to buy medicines at the hotel, but there is a pharmacy in the area.
Is the water drinkable inside the hotel?
Yes, the water is drinkable inside the hotel, but drinking tap water is not recommended.
Can you buy mineral water at the hotel?
Yes. In the hotel bars, you can buy bottled mineral water and various drinks.
Can I have a PCR done at the hotel?
There is a PCR service in the hotel's medical center exclusively for lodged clients, with a 25% discount for a total of € 90 per person.


Do I need to notify the hotel to reserve a crib? Does it have any additional cost?
If you are traveling with a baby under 2 years old, the cot will be available in your room upon arrival. This service is free.
If your baby is over 2 years old and you need a cot, you must notify the hotel, which will provide it free of charge and according to availability at the time.
Is the hotel accessible for baby chairs?
Being a complex at the foot of the mountain, the unevenness and the numerous stairs make it not a hotel accessible for baby chairs.
Is there a babysitting service?
This service does not exist in the complex.


Can you rent a car at or near the hotel?
From the hotel reception desk, you can manage the reservation of a car or a rental motorcycle or from the Services - Rent a car section of this website.
Can you request a taxi service from the hotel?
If you need this service, go to the reception desk and they will assist you with pleasure.
If you need it for an airport transfer, you can book this service at the reception desk with time in advance.
We inform you that during high season, sometimes, it can be hard to get a taxi.
You will find a taxi rank in the area.

Reduced mobility

Is the hotel accessible for people with reduced mobility?
Being a complex at the foot of the mountain, the unevenness and numerous stairs make it not an accessible hotel for people with reduced mobility.

Tourist stay tax

What is the tourist stay tax?
All people who make the stay (stays under 16 years are exempt).
How is the amount to be paid calculated?
The tax base is the number of days of stay. The tax fee will be obtained by applying the following rate to the tax base: in three-star hotels €2 + VAT.
Discounts: 50% for long-term stays (from the 9th day of stay).
When should our clients pay the tax?
Upon arrival at the hotel, at check-in, our reception staff will present you with the corresponding documentation, for payment of the tax before entry.
Who is obliged to pay said tax?
All people who make the stay (stays under 16 years are exempt).

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